ALGX Performance Series

  • Rugged One-Piece Die-Cast Aluminum Housing with Advanced Heat Sink
  • Performance Optics Package
  • Available in Type 3, Type 4, and Type 5 Light Distributions
  • PIR Sensor (Remote or Bluetooth), Photocell (3-pin, 7-pin)
  • Mounting Adapters for all Applications
  • UL for Wet Location, IP66 Rated
  • Estimated 100,000-hour LED lifespan based on IES LM-80 and TM-21 Calculations
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Optics Conform to Dark Sky Requirements
PowerLight OutputInputOperating TemperatureEfficacy
40W - 300W5,360 lm - 41,000 lmn120-277V / 347/480V-40F to 113FUp to 143 lm/W
Color TemperatureCRICertificationsPhotocellMotion Sensor
3000K, 4000K, 5000K70 CRIDLC 5.1, UL Wet LocationTwist Lock 3-Pin, 7-PinPIR Sensor Dimming, Bluetooth
DriverSurge ProtectionLight DistributionFinish -
0-10V Dimming10KTypes 3, 4, 5DB, W, B, SG-
LED WattsDist. TypeLumenstLPW
40W35,500 lm138 lm/W
40W45,480 lm137 lm/W
40W55,720 lm143 lm/W
70W39,500 lm136 lm/W
70W49,450 lm135 lm/W
70Wn59,800 lm140 lm/W
100W313,400 lm134 lm/W
100W413,300 lm133 lm/W
100W513,900 lm139 lm/W
150W320,100 lm134 lm/W
150W420,000 lm133 lm/W
150W520,900 lm139 lm/W
200W325,000 lm125 lm/W
200W424,800 lm124 lm/W
200W526,000 lm130 lm/W
250W334,000 lm136 lm/W
250W433,750 lm135 lm/W
250W535,250 lm141 lm/W
300W340,200 lm134 lm/W
300W439,900 lm133 lm/W
300W541,700 lm139 lm/W
LED WattsDist. TypeLumensLPW
40W35,400 lm135 lm/W
40W45,360 lm134 lm/W
40W55,600 lm140 lm/W
70W39,400 lm134 lm/W
70W49,310 lm133 lm/W
70W59,730 lm139 lm/W
100W313,300 lm133 lm/W
100W413,200 lm132 lm/W
100W513,800 lm138 lm/W
150W320,000 lm133 lm/W
150W419,800 lm132 lm/W
150W520,700 lm138 lm/W
200W324,700 lm124 lm/W
200W424,600 lm123 lm/W
200W525,800 lm129 lm/W
250W333,600 lm134 lm/W
250W433,250 lm133 lm/W
250W534,750 lm139 lm/W
300W340,000 lm133 lm/W
300W439,600 lm132 lm/W
300W541,400 lm138 lm/W