FLT Tunable Series

  • Die Cast Aluminum Housing, Pre Treated and Powder Coated
  • NEMA 7Hx7V Optics
  • Color Tunable Options; CCT can be Changed to 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K
  • High Performance Acrylic Optic Securely Attached to Internal Heat Sink for Maximum Product Life and Performance
  • Knuckle, Slipfitter, Yoke or Trunnion Mount Included
  • 5 year Limited Warranty
PowerLight OutputPower InputOperating TemperatureEfficacy
15W - 120W2,050 lm - 19,000 lm120-277V-40°F - 113°FUp to 120 lm/W
Color TemperatureCRICertificationsBeam AngleMounting Options
3000k, 4000K, 5000K70 CRIUL7Hx7VKnuckle, Trunnion, Yoke, Slipfitter
DB, B, W
LED WattsLumensLPW
15W2,050 lm137 lm/W
27W2,050 lm130 lm/W
40W2,050 lm143 lm/W
65W9,200 lm142 lm/W
90W9,200 lm149 lm/W
120W17,500 lm146 lm/W
LED WattsLumensLPW
15W2,300 lm153 lm/W
27W3,800 lm141 lm/W
40W6,000 lm150 lm/W
65W9,700 lm149 lm/W
90W14,500 lm161 lm/W
120W19,000 lm158 lm/W
LED WattsLumensLPW
15W2,100 lm18,000 lm
27W3,600 lm133 lm/W
40W5,800 lm145 lm/W
65W9,400 lm145 lm/W
90W13,500 lm150 lm/W
120W18,000 lm150 lm/W
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