Round Non Tapered Steel Pole ANCHOR BOLT & DIRECT BURIAL

  • Textured Architechtural Bronze Powder-Coat Finish – Baked to Ensure Maximum Paint Adhesion, Hardness and Durability
  • Base Cover – Poles are Provided with a Two-Piece Formed Steel Base Cover that is Easily Assembled and Fitted over Pole Base
  • Hand Hole – Cast Iron Reinforced Hand Hole and Cover with Ground Screw
  • Mounting Heights of 10 to 30 Feet can be Used Based on Selected Luminaire Application
  • Size – 3” (3” dia.), 4” (4” dia.), 5” (5” dia.)
  • Conforms to ASTM-A 500 Grade B: Minimum Yield Strength of 46,000 PSI
  • Anchor Bolts – Sized Based on Pole Data Charts for the Selected Pole Size (Not Included)
Anchor Base sizeWall thick HBase Plate Square EBolt Circlege Range (in)Bolt Circle FBolt Projection
Technical Details (Anchor Based)
Catalog NumberShaft Size (in)Shaft Height (ft)Wall thick (in)GaugeWeigh (LBS)
ARP-10FT- 4IN-11G4”100.1201170
ARP-15FT- 4IN-11G4”150.12011100
ARP-20FT- 4IN-11G4”200.12011120
ARP-25FT- 4IN-11G4”250.12011145
ARP-30FT- 4IN-11G5”300.1797305
Maximum EPA with 1.3 Gust Factor
80 MPHMax weight90 MPHMax weight100 MPHMax weight
Technical Details (Direct Burial)
Catalog NumberShaft Size (in)Shaft Height (ft)Wall thick (in)GaugeWeigh (LBS)
ARP-10FT- 4IN-11G-DB4”100.1201167
ARP-15FT- 4IN-11G-DB4”150.1201198
ARP-20FT-4IN- 11G-DB5”200.12011156
ARP-25FT-4IN- 11G-DB5”250.12011195
Maximum EPA with 1.3 Gust Factor
80 MPH90 MPH100 MPH120 MPH
Specifications Sheets