• Compression Molded, Industrial Strength Fiberglass Housing
  • High Impact Lens Capable of Up to 1,500 PSI of Water Pressure
  • PIR Sensor and Emergency Battery Optional
  • Surface Mount of V Hooks for All Applications
  • Frosted Low Profile or Parking Garage Lens Included
  • Truly UL 94 Flame Rating – 5VA Rating on Housing
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
PowerLight OutputInputOperating TemperatureEfficay
30W - 60W3,100 lm - 6,100 lm120-277V-40F - 113FUp to 113 lm/W
Color TemperatureCRICertificationsMotion SensorDimming
4000K, 5000K80 CRIULBi-Level PIR Sensor0-10V Dimming
Emergency BatteryLens OutputMounting Finish-
8W 900 lmLow Bay, Parking GarageChain, Pendant, SurfaceWhite-
LED WattsLensLumensLPW
30WParking Garage3,300 lm110 lm/W
30WLow Bay3,400 lm113 lm/W
40WParking Garage4,200 lm105 lm/W
40WLow Bay4,300 lm108 lm/W
45WParking Garage4,800 lm107 lm/W
45WLow Bay4,900 lm109 lm/W
60WParking Garage6,100 lm102 lm/W
60WLow Bay6,200 lm103 lm/W
LED WattsLensLumensLPW
30WParking Garage3,100 lm103 lm/W
30WLow Bay3,200 lm107 lm/W
40WParking Garage4,000 lm100 lm/W
40WLow Bay4,100 lm103 lm/W
45WParking Garage4,700 lm104 lm/W
45WLow Bay4,800 lm107 lm/W
60WParking Garage6,000 lm100 lm/W
60WLow Bay6,100 lm102 lm/W