• Die-Cast Aluminum on Front and Back Housing
  • Full Cutoff and Complaint with Dark Sky Requirements
  • Mounting via J-box or Surface Conduit
  • Adjustable Lumen Output with Four Lument Setting 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%
  • Switchable Color Temperature 3000K/4000K/5000K
  • Casting Thermally Conducts LED Heat to Optimize Performance and Long Life
  • Pre-Installed Photocell Button, PIR Sensor and Emergency Battery Available
  • UL listed for Wet Locations
  • 5-year limited warranty
PowerLight OutputPower InputOperating TemperatureEfficacy
70W - 135W4,200 lm - 20,000 lm120-277V, 347/480V-40°F - 131°FUp to 143 lm/W
CertificationsPhotocellEmergency BatteryCRIColor Temperature
UL/DLCButton8W 900 lm70 CRI4000K, 5000K
FinishDriverLight Distribution
DB, B, W1-10V DimmingType 3
Switch SettingSystem WattsCRI3000K (Lumens)3000K (LPW)4000K (Lumens)4000K (LPW)5000K (Lumens)5000K (LPW)
100%70W709,500 lm136 lm/W10,000 lm143 lm/W9,700 lm139 lm/W
80%56W707,800 lm139 lm/W8,200 lm146 lm/W7,950 lm142 lm/W
60%42W706,000 lm143 lm/W6,300 lm150 lm/W6,100 lm145 lm/W
40%28W704,100 lm146 lm/W4,300 lm154 lm/W4,200 lm150 lm/W
Switch SettingSystem WattsCRI3000K (Lumens)3000K (LPW)4000K (Lumens)4000K (LPW)5000K (Lumens)5000K (LPW)
100%125W7017,100 lm137 lm/W18,000 lm144 lm/W17,500 lm140 lm/W
80%100W7014,000 lm140 lm/W14,800 lm148 lm/W14,400 lm144 lm/W
60%75W7010,800 lm144 lm/W11,400 lm152 lm/W11,000 lm147 lm/W
40%50W707,400 lm148 lm/W7,750 lm155 lm/W7,500 lm150 lm/W
Switch SettingSystem WattsCRI3000K (Lumens)3000K (LPW)4000K (Lumens)4000K (LPW)5000K (Lumens)5000K (LPW)
100%135W7019,000 lm141 lm/W20,000 lm148 lm/W19,400 lm144 lm/W
80%108W7015,700 lm145 lm/W16,400 lm152 lm/W16,000 lm148 lm/W
60%81W7012,000 lm148 lm/W12,650 lm156 lm/W12,200 lm151 lm/W
40%54W708,150 lm151 lm/W8,600 lm159 lm/W8,300 lm154 lm/W